Latin name: Campanula rotundifolia L.
Botanical family: Campanulaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): harebell, bluebell (Eng.)
campanule ŗ feuilles rondes (Fr.)
zi'gini'ce, mekminswan (Ojibwa)
degaimaribet'Šnchayť (Chipewyan)
mitihimaskihkih, sewayonakunis, kuskwasonapiskos (Cree)
adota'gons (Ojibwa)
Roots :Tea used to treat influenza, fever, lung trouble, or heart trouble [Dene, Metis 13; ; Chipewyan 92]. Infusion used as ear drops to treat ear soreness [Ojibwa 47]. , and in a compound medicine for lung troubles [Ojibwa 87]. Chewed for heart ailments [Cree 95].