Latin name: Coptis trifolia (L.) Salisb. Syn.: C. groenlandica (Oeder) Fernald
Botanical family: Ranunculaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): golden thread (Eng.)
coptide du Groenland, savoyane (Fr.)
wizauke'skil (Malecite)
wi'ca'uckomuk, uîshakâshkamuku (Montagnais/Innu)
wijô'wapap'kôs (Abenaki)
osawskamikwapi (Atikamekw)
wesa wa'nikwe'ak, oza'widji'big (Ojibwa)
Steeped, used to saturate a rag to be placed in sore mouth [Mi'kmaq: 61; Malecite: 65]. Used to treat frostbite or to stimulate appetite [Algonquin: 68].
Stem :Tea used as a wash for sore eyes, lips and interior of mouth [Montaganais 70]. Chewed to allay canker or sores on the gums or in the mouth. Used to ease mouths irritated by excessive tobacco smoking [Algonquians 63].
Roots :Used for sore eyes or steeped to make a stomach medicine [Mi'kmaq 62]. Tea used for heart disease, toothache, diarrhoea and as an eyewash [Algonquin 69; Atikamekw 73]. Used for cough [Abenaki 67; Atikamekw 73]. Decoction used to soothe teething pain and heal gums, and as a mouth wash to treat sore mouth [Ojibwa 87]. Decoction used for throat pain, cough and mouth infection [Montagnais 71].