Latin name: Cornus canadensis L.
Botanical family: Cornaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): bunch berry, dogwood, dwarf cornel, pigeonberry (Eng.)
cornouiller du Canada, quatre-temps, rougets (Fr.)
ode'imînîdji'bîk (Ojibwa)
patkéna'houk (Abenaki)
saguminan (Atikamekw)
shâshâkuminânakashî (Montagnais)
nekutsahemen (Innu)
Medicinal plant [Innu: 72]. Used to heal sores and cancers [Mi'kmaq: 61]. Steeped and used for paralysis [Algonquians: 63]. Boiled with Gaultheria procumbens and used for cold or mixed with Taxus canadensis twigs and used against menstrual disorders [Atikamekw: 73]. Decoction used for "stich in the side" [Abenaki: 67]. Steeped and the liquid drunk in kidney problems [Mi'kmaq: 62].
Whole plant :Boiled and liquid drunk for rheumatism and other types of pain [Montagnais 71].
Leaves :Used to prepare cathartic tea [Algonquin 69].
Roots, leaves and fruits :Steeped and given against fits [Malecite 65].
Roots :Tea used to cure colics [Ojibwa 87].