Latin name: Cornus sericea L. Syn.: C. stolonifera Michx
Botanical family: Cornaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): red-osier dogwood, red willow (Eng.)
cornouiller stolonifère, hart rouge (Fr.)
mehkwa pemakwa, mikwapamuk, mihkwa pemakwa, mikobimaka, mikwanbimaka, mikwapimakwah, mithkwapimak, miskwapimak, mi (hkwapiymak, mikwa piskaw, nipsiy wasaskwetow,)
k'áik'ozé (Chipewyan)
meskwabi-mins, mis'kwabi'mic (Ojibwa)
nespipam'k' (Malecite)
mamkawa'kousek (Abenaki)
mîkuâpemuku (Montagnais)
Medicinal plant [Chippewa: 86]. Chewed and placed on fresh cuts to stop bleeding [Mi'kmaq: 43]. Steeped and used for diarrhoea or to make a wash to cure eruptions caused by poison ivy or by other poisons [Chippewa: 85]. Chewed and applied to sore eyes. Steeped and used as a gargle in sore throat. Used in catarrh [Malecite: 65].
Bark :Decoction from young bark used as an emetic in cold, cough and fever [Cree 42]. Peeled, mixed with another plant, boiled, and a cloth soaked in the solution is applied to sore eyes [Cree 13]. Applied to wounds to stop bleeding or drunk as a tea for cold [Algonquin 69]. Smoked [Ojibwa 86]. Infusion used to treat eye problems [Abenaki 67]. Boiled and used in a mixture with barks of poplar, birch and spruce to treat cough and cold [Dene 17]. Herbal water taken for diarrhoea and to induce vomiting [Cree 93].
Stems :Tea taken for chest trouble and to cure stoppage of urine [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92].
Roots :Tea drunk to treat dizziness [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92]. or stomach problems [Cree 96]. Mixed with other herbs in a decoction given to children to stop diarrhoea [Cree 13]. Mixed with Cornus alternifolia and Alnus incana in a decoction used as a wash or compress to treat sore eyes [Ojibwa 47]. Scraped and mixed with Aralia racemosa and smoked to treat headache [Malecite 65]. Used to treat aching muscles and soreness [Dene 17].
Fruits :Boiled and taken to treat tuberculosis [Dene 98].
Fruits or pith :Used to make a wash to treat snow blindness [Cree 95].
Pith :Used in cataracts [Cree 95].
Bark and twigs :Decoction used for skin or eye problems [Montagnais 71].
Leaves :Crushed and used to treat burns, bee stings and insect bites [Dene 100].