Latin name: Cypripedium acaule Aiton
Botanical family: Orchidaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): lady'slipper, moccasin flower, nerve root (Eng.)
cyprip├Ęde acaule, sabot de la vierge (Fr.)
kamidjetotapi (Atikamekw)
ago'biso'win (Ojibwa)
Roots :Steeped and used for nervousness [Algonquians 63; Mi'kmaq 60]. Used in venereal disease and menstrual disorders [Algonquin 69]. Boiled and used against stomachache, urinary tract disorders and kidney problems for children [Atikamekw 73]. Powdered, moistened and used to treat toothache. Steeped and taken in indigestion. Poultice applied to skin inflammation [Chippewa 47].
Flowers :Powdered, moistened and used to treat toothache [Chippewa 88].