Latin name: Empetrum nigrum L.
Botanical family: Empetraceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): crowberry, curlewberry (Eng.)
camarine noire, graines noires (Fr.)
askiminasiht, ebshjimend (Cree)
dineech'ùh (Dene)
Whole plant :Tea drunk for diarrhoea [Dene 100].
Berries :Used to treat diabetes [Cree 82].
Roots :Mixed with other plants in a decoction drunk to treat cough [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92].
Twigs :Used as a diuretic [Cree 95]. Boiled with spruce cones and tea applied to sores, or drunk to cure mouth infections and sore throats [Dene 101].
Roots, berries and stems :Tea drunk for stomach ache and cold [Dene 99].
Branches and roots :Boiled and tea drunk to cure mouth infections [Dene 101].
Branches and berries :Boiled and tea drunk to ease menstrual pain, pain related to child birth, and to cure mouth infections. Also applied to rashes [Dene 101].