Latin name: Equisetum arvense L.
Botanical family: Equisetaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): horsetail (Eng.)
prêle des champs, queue de renard (Fr.)
mistatimosoy, okotawask, enskowusk, kiychiwiykusk (Cree)
jasibonskok, gîji'bînûsk (Ojibwa)
kheh dyè' (Dene)
Tea used to treat kidney problems, bladder infections or urinary track problems [Dene: 100].
Whole plant :Tea used to cure dropsy [Ojibwa 87].
Above-ground fertile shoots :Decoction used as a diuretic or in kidney troubles [Cree 95].
Stem and leaves :Burned and the ashes applied to running sores [Metis 13]. Steamed for nasal congestion, cold and stomach ailments [Dene 99].
Stem :Decoction drunk as a remedy for dysuria [Ojibwa 85]. Herbal water used to treat kidney problems [Cree 93].
Roots :Heated and applied to aching teeth [Metis 13].