Latin name: Fagus grandifolia Ehrh.
Botanical family: Fagaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): beech (Eng.)
hêtre à grandes feuilles (Fr.)
šewe-minš (Ojibwa)
miki'kwimus (Malecite)
Bark :Used as a general medicine [Mi'kmaq 62]. Mixed with bark of Betula lenta and Cornus sericea and used for pulmonary trouble [Ojibwa 85].
Leaves :Applied to sores [Malecite 65]. Soothing to the nerves and the stomach and help stimulate appetite [Mi'kmaq 62].
Bark and leaves :Mixed with water and used as a tonic, antiseptic, or to heal ulcers, liver, kidney or bladder [Mi'kmaq 62].