Latin name: Fragaria virginiana Duchesne.
Botanical family: Rosaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): wild strawberry (Eng.)
fraisier des champs (Fr.)
ode'iminidji'bik (Ojibwa)
otehimina, otihiminah, okdeamena, owtiyhiymin, otihiminipukwah (Cree)
Steeped with Rubus triflorus and given in irregular menstruation [Malecite: 65].
Whole plant :Decoction drunk to treat heart problems [Cree 13]. Boiled and the liquid drunk as a treatment for diarrhoea [Metis 13; Cree 93].
Leaves :Used as an astringent [Ojibwa 88].
Roots :Used as a diuretic [Ojibwa 88]. Decoction used in cholera [Ojibwa 47]. and tea in stomach ache [Ojibwa 87]. Herbal water taken for heart problems [Cree 93].
Fruits :Heart medicine [Dene 17].
Runners :Boiled with 'Petasites sagittatus and 'Pyrola asarifolia and drunk as a medicine [Dene 17].