Latin name: Geum aleppicum Jacq. Syn.: G. strictum Aiton
Botanical family: Rosaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): Alep avens (Eng.)
benoîte d'Alep (Fr.)
makwanimiga'kil (Maletice)
kakwithitamowask (Cree)
ne'bone'ankwe'âk (Ojibwa)
Roots :Steeped and used for cough and cold [Maletice 65]. Weak decoction taken internally for cough and soreness in the chest [Ojibwa 84]. Decoction alone or mixed with other plants given to treat teething pain. Decoction used for sore tooth, sore throat, or to induce sweating [Cree 95].