Latin name: Iris versicolor L.
Botanical family: Iridaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): muskrat, blue flag (Eng.)
iris versicolore (Fr.)
na'bûkûck (Ojibwa)
wa-dusk-skwamuk (Atikamekw)
General medicine [Mi'kmaq: 62]. Used as a purgative [Cree: 42]. Remedy for gastric disturbances [44]. Steepped with Scirpus rubrotinctus and gargle in sore throat [Malecite: 65].
Whole plant :Steamed to keep diseases away. Crushed and mixed with flour to make a poultice placed on painful body parts [Algonquians 63].
Roots :Pounded to a pulp laid on a platain leaf and applied to serofulous sores [Chippewa 85]. Steeped and used for cholera [Algonquians 63; Chippewa 85]. Powdered, mixed with warm water and given to infants to relieve stomach cramps, belching or indigestion [Mi'kmaq 62]. Pounded and applied to burns and wounds [Atikamekw 73]. Poultice applied to swellings [Ojibwa 47]. Boiled in water and taken as physic and emetic [Ojibwa 87].