Latin name: Juniperus horizontalis Moench.
Botanical family: Cupressaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): creeping juniper, rocky mountain juniper (Eng.)
genévrier horizontal (Fr.)
ahaseminanatik, masekesh, masikeskatik (Cree)
Stems :Boiled with other plants to make a tea for treating cold and teething, and for use as a general system cleaner [Cree 13].
Leaves :Burned and the smoke inhaled to clear sinuses plugged by a head cold [Metis 13].
Berries :Used for back pain, boiled and taken in urinary tract problems [Cree 81]. Tea drunk to ease back pain [Dene 101].
Branches :Boiled and steamed to hasten release of the placenta [Dene 101].