Latin name: Lilium philadelphicum L.
Botanical family: Liliaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): orange-red lily, Philadelphia lily (Eng.)
lis de Philadelphie (Fr.)
wapayoominusk, wakican, wakiychan (Cree)
miškodé-pin, miskode-pin (Ojibwa)
Bulbs :Boiled to make a poultice to be applied to wounds and contusions [Chippewa 85].
Mixed with the root of nibnatuguns, boiled and applied as a poultice on the bite of a dog [Chippewa: 85]. Boiled into a soup and taken to treat appendicitis. Tubers sticked into cavities to treat toothache [Cree: 93].
Roots :Part of a compound medicine used for heart problems [Dene 13]. Used in stomach disorders [Algonquin 69]. Grinded, soaked in warm water and applied as a poultice to swelling or bruise. Mixed with staghorn sumach, blackberry root, mountain holly and mountain raspberry root and used in consumption, cough, and fever [Malecite 65].