Latin name: Lycoperdon perlatum Pers.
Botanical family: Agaricaceae
Growth habit: Fungi
Vernacular name(s): puffball fungus (Eng.)
vesse-de-loup perlée (Fr.)
wathaman, pesohkan, bibogithamin, bipogithamin, pissoskum, kokosiwathaman, kapwipocipathisit, kapikiy (htiypayta Cree)
datsántsíé (Chipewyan)
To stop bleeding from a cut, the mature puffball can be turned open and the inside surface of the skin, with its adhering cottony mass applied to the wound. Spores may also be squirted from the puffball onto the cut and into the nose to stop nosebleeding [Cree, Dene, Metis: 13; Chipewyan: 92]. Spores can also be used as baby powder to prevent chafing [Dene: 13]. or to treat weeping sores or burns [Dene: 98, 100].