Latin name: Matteuccia struthiopteris (L.) Todaro.
Botanical family: Dryopteridaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): fiddlehead fern, ostrich fern (Eng.)
matteucie fougère-à-l'autruche (Fr.)
kakakiwikot (Cree)
Fronds :Base of the frond boiled with other herbs to make a decoction drunk to slow a pounding heart, also used to treat stomach pain [Dene 13]. Decoction made with the base of the stipe of the sterile frond used for back pain and to speed expulsion ot the afterbirth [Cree 95].
Rhizomes :Stipe buds on rhizome used to treat cancer and to help gain weight [Metis 13].