Latin name: Alnus sp.
Botanical family: Betulaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): alder (Eng.)
aulne (Fr.)
Boiled, mixed with porcupine fat, and taken as a physic [Mi'kmaq: 43].
Bark :Boiled, then water is used to stop cramps and retching [Algonquians 63]. , whereas pulp is used as a poultice for sore eyes [Algonquin 75]. Steeped in water and taken for fever, stomach cramps, kidney problems, and asthma [Mi'kmaq 62]. Tea used in diphtheria [Mi'kmaq 43].
Leaves :Used in fits [Mi'kmaq 62].
Bark and leaves :Used to cover body to treat fever or festers [Mi'kmaq 43].
Twigs :Boiled and drunk to purify blood [Mi'kmaq 60].