Latin name: Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm Syn.: N.variegata Durand
Botanical family: Nymphaeaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): variegated pond-lily, cow lily, yellow pond lily (Eng.)
nénuphar à fleurs panachées, grand nénuphar jaune, pied-de-cheval (Fr.)
pwakumosikum, oskotamo, waskatamow, waskatamo, waskutamo, oskitipak, waskitipak (Cree)
uckicteabu (Atikamekw)
egh'ke (Dene)
teghaizé (Chipewyan)
Rhizomes :Powdered, used in a compound remedy to treat various ailments [Cree 95]. Cut into thin slices, dried and chewed or made into a tea drunk to treat arthritis or used to bathe affected joints [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92]. or to treat swellings [Cree 13]. Sliced, grated and used as a poultice on boils [Cree, Dene 13; Chipewyan 92]. , diabetic skin ulcers [Metis 13]. , infected wounds [Cree, Dene, Metis 13]. , or mixed with other plants and used as a poultice to treat sore back or legs, foot pain [Cree 13]. , sore joints, arthritis, or headache [Metis 13]. Used in compound decoctions as a cough medicine, to facilitate childbirth [Dene 13]. , to help recovery after childbirth [Cree 13]. , or as a heart medicine [Cree, Dene 13]. Poultice used in swellings and infections [Algonquin 69]. Ground with Acorus calamus and Heracleum lanatum, moistened with water or grease and used as a poultice in headache, sore joints, swellings, and painful limbs. Fresh or rehydrated dried slices applied to infected skin [Cree 95]. Soaked or boiled in water and used as a wash to treat swellings, infections and bee stings [Dene 17]. Poultice used to treat facial paralysis, skin disorders, bee stings, cuts, burns, arthritis, and muscular pain. Tea used in heart problems and as a "women's medicine" [Cree 96]. Boiled with stems of Sorbus scopulina and leaves of Sarracenia purpurea to make a cough remedy [Chipewyan 92].
Roots :Steeped or worn around the neck as a general medicine [Mi'kmaq 62]. Used to treat cold and sore back [Dene 100].
Whole plant :Used in diabetes [Cree 77].
Stems :Leafy stems sucked to prevent thirst [Atikamekw 73]. Tea drunk to cure stomach pain, shortness of breath, heart problems, and urinary tract problems [Dene 101].