Latin name: Amelanchier alnifolia (Nutt.) Nutt ex M. Roem.
Botanical family: Rosaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): Saskatoon serviceberry, juneberry (Eng.)
amélanchier à feuilles d'aulne, petites poires (Fr.)
misaskatoomena, misakwatominatik, msaskwatuwmin, saskwatoomina, saskwatomin (Cree)
k'eàjie (Dene)
Roots and stem :Decoction drunk to treat lung problems including tuberculosis [Cree 13].
Roots :Decoction with other herbs given to children to stop diarrhoea [Cree 13]. Decoction used in teething, chest pain, cough, and lung infection [Cree 95]. Tea used in stomach problems [Cree 96]. Herbal water used for back paralysis [Cree 93].
Buds :Decoction drunk to slow diarrhoea [Cree 13]. Tea used in stomach problems [Cree 96].
Stem :Decoction mixed with Symphoricarpos albus against fever [Cree 95]. Tea drunk to cure urinary problems [Dene 101].
Berries :Tea drunk for whooping cough. Berry buds boiled and tea drunk to cure headache, stomach pain and diarrhoea [Dene 101].