Latin name: Petasites frigidus (L.) Fr. var. sagittatus (Banks ex Pursh) Cherniawsky Syn.: P. sagittatus (Banks ex Pursh) A. Gray
Botanical family: Asteraceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): arrow-leaved coltsfoot (Eng.)
pétasite sagitté (Fr.)
piskehte puskwa, nigutinepia, mosotawakayipak, yuwskiy (htiypuk Cree)
Cooked with Pyrola asarifolia and the mixture used as a wash to treat chickenpox [Dene: 17]. Steam taken to treat asthma, congested chest or cold [Dene: 100].
Leaves :Used as a poultice on skin sores and burns [Metis 13]. Applied to worms eating the flesh and to itchy skin [Cree 95]. Put all over the body to treat chickenpox. Poultice wrapped to treat sore knee [Dene 17]. Wraped on affected area to heal sores and draw out infections [Cree 93].
Leaves and roots :Boiled together and put on measles for healing, decoction drunk "to make babies" [Dene 17].