Latin name: Populus tremuloides Michx.
Botanical family: Salicaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): quaking aspen, trembling aspen (Eng.)
peuplier faux-tremble, tremble (Fr.)
mi'tuc, mitesh (Montagnais)
asa'di (Ojibwa)
metos, miytos, wapisk-mitos, wasi-mitos, mistik, mitos, mitosinipiah (Cree)
asawdeobuk (Atikamekw)
os'sagakwé, wawabibagw (Abenaki)
t'ooladzé (Dene)
k'es (Chipewyan)
Tea used for rheumatism, cold and stomachache [Innu: 72].
Sap :Drunk for worms [Algonquin 68; Montagnais 70]. Boiled and drunk as a blood medicine [Dene 17].
Bark :Used to treat venereal disease [Cree 95]. Decoction or tea drunk as a vermifuge [Abenaki 67; Algonquians 63; Algonquin 68; Montagnais 70]. , to treat stomach disorders, or diabetes [Cree 96]. Steeped and used for cold [Algonquians 63; Mi'kmaq 60]. Small squares placed under the tongue to treat a stomachache or against blood spitting [Cree 13]. A strip about the length of the human heart cut at heart height on the south side of a mature tree is chewed and the juice swallowed as a heart medicine [Cree 13]. Small strip of fresh green bark chewed and swallowed for relief from food poisoning or diarrhoea [Metis 13]. Infusion drunk to treat cancer and diabetes [Cree 13]. Decoction drunk to treat stomachache, diarrhoea [Cree 13]. , fever and cough [Dene 13]. Mixed with buds of Populus balsamifera in a decoction drunk to treat diabetes [Cree 13]. White "dust" on the bark (crustose lichens and dead tree periderm) applied to cuts and wounds to stop bleeding [Dene 13]. or used as a styptic [Cree 95]. Boiled and used in boils [Algonquin 75]. Chewed and applied to cuts as a poultice [Chippewa 47; Ojibwa 87].
Inner bark :Used in diabetes [Cree 77]. , as a laxative or cough remedy [Cree 66]. Boiled and used as a tonic [55]. Poultice used on sore arm or leg [Ojibwa 87]. Chewed and juice swallowed to treat heart problems [Cree 96]. Used to cover wounds to stop bleeding [Cree 93].
Leaves :Chewed or crushed fresh and applied to bee or wasp stings [Cree 95; Cree, Dene 13; Chipewyan 92]. , or on mosquito bites or cuts [Cree 13]. Boiled and drunk as a medicine [Dene 17].
Buds :Used for toothache [Cree 13].
Seeds :Eaten to cause an abortion [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92].
Roots :Steeped with roots of Populus balsamifera and given to slow heavy menstrual flow [Chippewa 47]. Grated and boiled into a sirup for rheumatisms and numb articulations [Atikamekw 73].
Rotten wood :Powder used for skin rash [Dene 101].