Latin name: Quercus macrocarpa Michx.
Botanical family: Fagaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): bur oak (Eng.)
chêne à gros fruits (Fr.)
mî'tîgo'mîc (Ojibwa)
Inner bark :Extract used in lung trouble and chest pain [Chippewa 91]. Mixed with inner bark of Quercus rubra and Populus tremuloides, root, bud and blossom of Populus balsamifera and root of Polygala senaga in a decoction used for heart troubles [Ojibwa 47].
Bark :Used as an astringent, to bandage a broken foot or leg [Ojibwa 87]. Decoction used as a laxative [91].
Roots :Decoction taken to treat cramps [Ojibwa 47].