Latin name: Rhus glabra L.
Botanical family: Anacardiaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): smooth sumac, dwarf sumac (Eng.)
sumac glabre (Fr.)
pakwan-mins, bakwa'nak, maki'bûg (Ojibwa)
Medicinal [Ojibwa: 86]. Boiled and poured into the ear to treat earache [Mi'kmaq: 43]. Decoction used in dysentery [Ojibwa: 47].
Bark :Tea used as a hemostatic [Ojibwa 86].
Inner bark :Used in combination with other planst as an astringent [Ojibwa 86].
Flowers :Steeped and used for sore eyes [Ojibwa 86]. Chewed to cure sore mouth. Drink taken as a remedy for asthma [Ojibwa 85].
Leaves :Used in poultices [Ojibwa 86]. or to wash sore mouth [Ojibwa 85].
Fruits :Used as a throat cleanser [Ojibwa 86].
Roots :Steeped to make a drink to treat cold or used as an emetic [Ojibwa 85].