Latin name: Rhus typhina L. Syn.: R. hirta (L.) Sudw.
Botanical family: Anacardiaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): staghorn sumac (Eng.)
sumac vinaigrier (Fr.)
sla'nimus (Malecite)
bakwanâtig, bakwana'tîg (Ojibwa)
Used in sore throat [Mi'kmaq: 43].
Fruits and leaves :Crushed and prepared as a gargle for sore throats [55].
Roots :Used to stop haemorrhaging [Ojibwa 86]. , or mixed with other plants for rheumatism [Algonquin 69].
Flowers :Decoction taken to treat stomach pain [Ojibwa 47].
Roots and fruits :Steeped and taken as a blood purifier, or mixed with blackberry root, mountain holly, orange-red lily root and mountain raspberry root and used for consumption or for cough and fever [Malecite 65].