Latin name: Acer pensylvanicum L.
Botanical family: Aceraceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): moosewood, striped maple (Eng.)
érable de Pennsylvanie, bois barré, bois d'orignal (Fr.)
mon'zomish' (Ojibwa)
onsé'gakuk (Abenaki)
Medicinal tea [Algonquin: 69].
Bark :Steeped and made into a poultice for swelling of the limbs [Algonquians 63]. Used for gonorrhea, kidney troubles and for blood spitting [Mi'kmaq 60]. Bark used for bronchial trouble [Abenaki 67]. Decoction drunk as a laxative [91].
Inner bark :Boiled and taken as an emetic [Ojibwa 84].