Latin name: Ribes oxyacanthoides L.
Botanical family: Grossulariaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): Canada gooseberry (Eng.)
groseiller du Nord, groseillier hérissé (Fr.)
sapoominak, sapomin, sabuwmin (Cree)
cabo'minaga'wûnj (Ojibwa)
daghochi (Dene)
daghósjíé (Chipewyan)
Roots :Decoction drunk to stimulate menstruations [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92].
Stems :Steeped in boiling water and the tea drunk by mothers after childbirth to stop excessive bleeding [Metis 13]. Mixed with Ribes hudsonianum in a decoction used to treat sickness after childbirth [Cree 95]. Boiled and tea drunk to cure mouth infections, sore stomach and to relieve shortness of breath. Solution also used for sore eyes [Dene 101].
Fruits :Decoction used to treat weakness and back pain in women [Ojibwa 47].