Latin name: Rubus idaeus L. ssp. strigosus [Michx.) Focke Syn.: R. strigosus Michx. R. idaeus L. var. melanolasius (Dieck) R.J. Davis
Botanical family: Rosaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): wild red raspberry (Eng.)
framboisier sauvage (Fr.)
mis'kominaga'wûnj (Ojibwa)
Leaves :Infusion given in cholera and dysentery as an astringent and tonic [Cree 74].
Roots and stem :Boiled and used for measles [Ojibwa 85].
Roots :Decoction used in dysentery. Inner bark of roots soaked in water and squeezed over eyes to treat eye problems [Ojibwa 47]. Tea used for stomach problems [Cree 96]. Boiled with the roots of Equisetum pratense and taken for stomach problems [Dene 98].