Latin name: Rumex crispus L.
Botanical family: Polygonaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): curled dock (Eng.)
patience crépue, rumex crépu (Fr.)
o'zabetshi'wik, ci'obûg, oza'widji'bik (Ojibwa)
Roots :Steeped with Conioselium chinense, Chimaphila umbellate and Tsuga canadensis and given in bladder problems [Mi'kmaq 62]. Bruised or crushed and applied to abrasions and sores [Ojibwa 84]. Powdered, moistened, spread on a cloth and applied as a poultice for skin itching and eruptions. Pounded and applied to cuts and skin ulcers. Poultice applied to swellings [Ojibwa 47]. Used to heal cuts [Ojibwa 87].