Latin name: Sagittaria cuneata Sheldon. Syn.: S. arifolia Nutt. ex J.G. Sm.
Botanical family: Alismataceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): arrowhead (Eng.)
sagittaire cunéaire (Fr.)
wapato (Algonquin)
wabasi (Ojibwa)
deníeke (Chipewyan)
Remedy for indigestion [Ojibwa: 87].
Leaves :Applied fresh as a poultice to inflamed skin caused by scrofula [Cree 13]. Poultice used in skin disorders, cuts, burns and bee stings [Cree 96].
Roots :Used against tuberculosis [Algonquin 69]. Medicinal [Chipewyan 92].