Latin name: Salix bebbiana Sarg.
Botanical family: Salicaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): willow (Eng.)
saule de Bebb (Fr.)
nepise, nepiseatik, wekope, atikwupamuk, nipisis, nipisi, nipisiah, nipisigibi, nipistakwah (Cree)
Inner bark :Decoction alone or mixed with another plant to treat diarrhoea and stomachache [Cree 13]. Chewed and applied to deep cuts [Cree 95].
Twigs :Decoction taken to treat a toothache [Cree 13].
Roots :Peeled, boiled, and the decoction drunk to relieve fatigue and provide strength. Applied to aching teeth [Cree 13].