Latin name: Sambucus racemosa L.
Botanical family: Caprifoliaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): red-fruited elder, red elderberry (Eng.)
sureau rouge, sureau pubescent (Fr.)
peskigdjila'nimus (Malecite)
papaskatcîksi'gana'tig (Ojibwa)
mishtukusha (Montagnais)
Bark :Decoction taken internally as a purgative [Sikani 97]. Steeped in water with round wood and given as an emetic [Malecite 65]. Used as a purgative or emetic [Ojibwa 87].
Roots :Used to make a medicinal tea [Ojibwa 86].
Inner bark :Boiled and the liquid drunk for constipation [Ojibwa 87].
Trunk :Boiled to obtain a decoction used for urinary problems [Montagnais 71].