Latin name: Sarracenia purpurea L.
Botanical family: Sarraceniaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): pitcher plant (Eng.)
sarracénie pourpre, sabot, oreille de cochon, petits cochons, herbe crapaud (Fr.)
alk tsotaco', alicotache, anîtshikâta (Montagnais)
ayekitas, ayikitas, ayikicas, athikacas (Cree)
omakakiwidass (Ojibwa)
arikitcakotepik (Atikamekw)
makikiotache (Algonquin)
ts'ëlitili (Chipewyan)
Steeped and drunk for blood spitting and kidney troubles [Mi'kmaq: 60]. Used against tuberculosis [Mi'kmaq: 62]. or lower back pain [Cree: 95]. Decoction used to treat various wounds [Algonquin: 68].
Whole plant :Steeped and taken in consumption [Malecite 65]. Used in diabetes [Cree 77, 82, 83]. Boiled and water used to wash burns and skin infections [Montagnais 71].
Leaves :Boiled to make a tea used in urinary difficulties [Algonquin 69]. or as a wash for sores and for children's rashes, the same ailments can also be treated by applying a split leaf on the affected parts [Montagnais 70]. Steeped and used in smallpox [Algonquians 63; Montagnais 70]. Used for chronic chest trouble, cough [Dene 13]. and "women's ailments" [Cree, Dene 13]. Part of a compound medicinal tea taken to ease childbirth [Algonquin 69; Cree 13]. Decoction or infusion taken to remedy sickness associated with amenorrhoea [Cree 95]. Tea medicinal [Chipewyan 92]. Herbal water taken in fever and urinary tract problems. Crushed and sniffed for headaches [Cree 93].
Roots :Steeped and drunk for blood spitting, sore throat, kidney problems, and pulmonary complaints [Algonquians 63]. Used as a poultice on cuts [Cree 13]. Boiled to make a tea used in urinary difficulties [Algonquin 69]. Decoction given to women to prevent sickness after childbirth, and mixed with other plants in a decoction taken to help expel the afterbirth. Decoction taken in venereal diseases [Cree 95]. Steeped in water and liquid taken internally to relieve indigestion [Mi'kmaq 62]. Used in diabetes [Cree 77]. Tea used to facilitate parturition [Ojibwa 87]. Used as a diuretic and, mixed with beaver kidney, used to cure urinary tract diseases [Atikamekw 73]. Poultice used in skin disorders, cuts, burns and bee stings [Cree 96].
Rhizomes :Infusion used in the treatment of smallpox [66; Montagnais 71].