Latin name: Sorbus scopulina Greene
Botanical family: Rosaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): Greene's mountain-ash (Eng.)
sorbier de Greene (Fr.)
naidídechëné (Chipewyan)
Used as a compress for pain or rubbed on chest, back and throat for cough and sore throat [Cree: 81]. Tea taken to relieve cold symptoms, headaches, sore chest, or for "blood in the body". Tea also drunk by women giving birth to make labor easier [Chipewyan: 92].
Roots :Boiled and used to treat tuberculosis or bathe in to relieve soreness [Dene 17]. Decoction taken as a cough medicine [Dene 98]. Herbal tea taken for back paralysis, diabetes and cancer [Cree 93].
Stem :Decoction taken as a cough medicine [Dene 98]. Boiled and steam inhaled to relieve headache or sore chest [Chipewyan 92].
Twigs :Herbal tea taken for general ache and heart problems [Cree 93].
Fruits :Decoction taken as a cough medicine [Dene 98].
Stem and roots :Boiled and taken to treat tuberculosis [Dene 98].