Latin name: Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F. Blake var. albus Syn.: S. racemosus Michx.
Botanical family: Caprifoliaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): snowberry, wax berry, wolfberry (Eng.)
symphorine blanche, graine d'hiver, graine de loup (Fr.)
mahekun menes, mahekunimin, mayikaniminanahtik, mahikanimin (Cree)
main'gamûna'tig, anîgomiji'mînaga'wûnj (Ojibwa)
Fruits :Crushed or boiled to make a wash for sore eyes [Dene 13].
Roots and stem :Decoction used to a treat teething pain and venereal disease [Cree 95; Dene 13]. Used as an eye wash and drunk to treat skin rashes or mixed with another plant to make a remedy for venereal deseases [Dene 13].
Branches and leaves :Decoction used as a diuretic [Cree 13].
Stem :Decoction given for kidney problems [Cree 13].
Fruits :Infusion used to treat sore eyes [Cree 95].
Whole plant :Infusion applied externally to treat a skin rash [Cree 95].
Roots :Decoction used as a diuretic. Infusion given after childbirth [Ojibwa 47]. Decoction taken as a physic, or mixed with Andropogon gerardii and used to treat stoppage of urine [Ojibwa 47]. Tea used to clear up the afterbirth, and enable quicker convalescence after childbirth [Ojibwa 87].