Latin name: Tanacetum vulgare L.
Botanical family: Asteraceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): common tansy (Eng.)
tanaisie vulgaire (Fr.)
o'ckinigi'kweäni'bic, muckiki'wît (Ojibwa)
Antifertility agent [Mi'kmaq: 61]. and fever medicine [Ojibwa: 87].
Leaves :Dried and made into a tea given in kidney troubles. Steeped and given to prevent pregnancy [Malecite 65]. Steeped in water with equal amount of leaves of Nepeta cataria and given in fever. Decoction taken in amenorrhoea [Ojibwa 47].
Roots :Decoction put into ear for soreness, or used to gargle (or chewed) to treat sore throat [Ojibwa 47].