Latin name: Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx.
Botanical family: Ericaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): blueberry, bilberry, whortle berry, huckleberry (Eng.)
airelle fausse-myrtille, bleuet (Fr.)
inimena, iyinimin, iynimin, ithinimina, sipikomin (Cree)
ts'anlhchoth (Chipewyan)
Whole plant :Component of an anticancer medicine [Metis 13].
Fruits :Helps to reduce acne. Syrup used to stop vomiting [Metis 13].
Stem :Boiled to make a drink taken to prevent pregnancy or in combination with other plants to prevent miscarriage, bring blood after childbirth, trigger menstruation, or slow excessive menstruation [Metis, Cree 13].
Leaves :Decoction taken for headache [Dene 13]. Steeped and applied for rheumatism [Mi'kmaq 62].
Roots :Tea drunk for headache [Chhipewyan 92]. Herbal water used to ease childbirth [Cree 93].