Latin name: Valeriana dioica L.
Botanical family: Valerianaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): northern valerian (Eng.)
valériane (Fr.)
upistagiwasus, apiscisakowaskwos, apiscakawaskwos, apisichisakwasosuk, apiscisakwiwaskwos, apisagiywuskos (Cree)
Whole plant :Dried, boiled and the decoction drunk to treat a sore aching body, cold, chill, and congestion, helping clear the air passages [Cree 13].
Leaves :Decoction given to a child who has lost weight to help gain weight [Cree 13]. Decoction given to prevent miscarriage or to ease labor pain [Cree 13]. Dried, crushed, mixed with beaver fat and applied as an ointment on facial rashes [Cree 13].
Stem and leaves :Boiled with another plant and drunk to treat cold or fever [Cree 13].
Roots :Decoction from a plant that has not flowered is considered a very powerful tonic. If abused it will make user very sick [Cree 13]. Chewed to treat severe heart trouble [Cree, Metis 13]. , also helps to prevent aging and wrinkles and keep active [Cree 13].