Latin name: Valeriana dioica L. var. sylvatica S. Watson Syn.: V. sylvatica Sol. ex Richardson, non F.W. Schmidt V. septentrionalis Rydb.
Botanical family: Valerianaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): northern valerian, wood valerian (Eng.)
valériane nordique (Fr.)
apiscisakwiwaskwos (Cree)
Roots :Chewed, put into a cloth and placed in the ear to treat earache, and rubbed on the head and temples to treat headache. Applied externally in case of seizure. Powdered, used as an ingredient for many ailments and to treat menstrual troubles. Infusion used for all purposes. Decoction used for pneumonia and in a smoking mixture for colds [Cree 95]. Chewed or prepared as a tea for heart problems. Tea taken as a tonic and blood cleanser [Cree 96].