Latin name: Viburnum opulus L. var. americanum Aiton
Botanical family: Caprifoliaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): Bush cran berry (Eng.)
viorne trilobée (Fr.)
nepiminana, nipiminan (Cree)
a'nibîmî'nûga'wûck (Ojibwa)
Roots :Steeped and drunk as a remedy for pralapsus uteri. Part of the treatment consists of soaking a white cloth in an infusion and placing it in the vagina to put the uterus back into place [Ojibwa 85].
Bark :Tea used as a diuretic, given to mothers after birth to prevent infection [Dene 13]. , also given to treat insomnia [Dene, Metis 13].
Inner bark :Tea used as a physic and to cure stomach cramps [Ojibwa 87].