Latin name: Zanthoxylum americanum Mill.
Botanical family: Rutaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): prickly ash (Eng.)
clavalier d'Amérique, frêne épineux (Fr.)
dagawak-mins, gawa'komic (Ojibwa)
Bark :Hot drink together with wild ginger root, bark of sassafras roots, and rhizomes of sweet flag, taken for cold, cough, and pulmonary troubles [Ojibwa 85]. Tea drunk for worms [Mi'kmaq 62]. Used to treat quinsy and sore throat [Ojibwa 87].
Roots :Decoction used to treat sore throat [Ojibwa 47].
Fruits :Tea drunk to treat sore throat, and as a spray on the chest to cool and relieve congestion in bronchitis [Ojibwa 87].