Latin name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng.
Botanical family: Ericaceae
Growth habit: Shrub
Vernacular name(s): bearberry (Eng.)
raisin d'ours (Fr.)
kinnikinnick (Algonquian)
achiygasipuk, muskimina, muskominanatik, pithikomin, kinnikinick (Cree)
dé (lhni Chipewyan)
saga'kominagûnj', me-squah-be-mag (Ojibwa)
Whole plant :Mixed with that Vaccinium myrtilloides in a tea taken to trigger menstruation [Cree 95].
Stem :Mixed with Vaccinum myrtilloides in a decoction taken to prevent miscarriage and speed up recovery after childbirth [Cree 95].
Stem, leaves and fruits :Decoction drunk for pain in the back and sprained back [44]. Leaves and fruits Tonic [Mi'kmaq 62].
Leaves :Decoction drunk to treat bladder and kidney problems [Metis 13]. Dried and pulverized and combined with tobacco or red willow and smoked with a pipe to treat headache [Chippewa 47]. or intoxication [Ojibwa 86].
Fruits :Mixed with grease and taken against diarrhoea [Cree 95].
Roots :Tea drunk to treat a persistent cough [Dene 13; Chipewyan 92]. Mixed with herbs and given in excessive menstrual bleeding [Cree 95].
Bark :Tea with bark and root of Salix discolour, Pinus strobus, Quercus rubra and Pinus banksiana given in fainting and fits [Ojibwa 86].