Latin name: Arisaema triphyllum (L.) Schott.
Botanical family: Araceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): Indian turnip, jack-in-the-pulpit (Eng.)
petit prêcheur (Fr.)
pogdjinsgwewiwazis (Malecite)
sag-a-ba (Mi'kmaq)
caca'gomîn (Ojibwa)
General medicine [Ojibwa: 86]. Steeped to make a liniment for external use [Mi'kmaq: 44; Algonquians: 63]. Scraped, pounded, moistened and applied as a poultice on abscesses and boils [Malecite: 65].
Root bulbs :Used to treat tuberculosis and as a general stomach medicine [Mi'kmaq 62].
Roots :Decoction used to treat sore eyes [Ojibwa 47, 86].