Latin name: Asarum canadense L.
Botanical family: Aristolochiaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): wild ginger (Eng.)
asaret du Canada, gingembre sauvage (Fr.)
dagmigwe-al (Malecite)
agabwen, name'pîn (Ojibwa)
alna'badipwa'beule (Abenaki)
Roots :Used as general medicine [Ojibwa 85, 87]. Remedies for bruises and contusions [Algonquians 63]. Tea drunk for fever and convulsions in infants [Algonquin 69]. Steeped and given in cramps [Malecite 65]. Used as cough medicine [Abenaki 67]. Mixed with Plantago major to make a poultice used to treat inflamed skin. Dried, mashed and applied as a poultice on fractures [Ojibwa 47].
Rhizomes and roots :Used as a carminative [Ojibwa 88]. or as a remedy for stomach troubles [44].