Latin name: Betula pubescens Ehrh.Syn.: B. alba L.
Botanical family: Betulaceae
Growth habit: Tree
Vernacular name(s): downy birch (Eng.)
bouleau pubescent (Fr.)
wuskwi (Cree)
wîgwas (Ojibwa)
Wood :White rotten wood boiled in a decoction of Ledum latifolium, dried, powdered and used in dermatological problems [Cree 42].
Buds :Used in gonorrhoea [Cree 74].
Bark :Mixed with Tsuga canadensis and pine bark in an infusion used in treatment of consumption and other lung troubles [Cree 74]. Root bark and maple sugar cooked together to make a soothing syrup to alleviate stomach cramps [Ojibwa 87].