Latin name: Caltha palustris L.
Botanical family: Ranunculaceae
Growth habit: Herb
Vernacular name(s): marsh marigold (Eng.)
populage des marais (Fr.)
o'git'bûg, mingde-beguk (Ojibwa)
Mixed with sugar maple in a decoction used as a cough syrup [Ojibwa: 88].
Roots :Boiled and mashed to make a poultice for stubborn sores [Ojibwa 85]. Boiled, strained, cooled and taken to treat colds [Ojibwa 47]. Mashed and applied externally to treat scrofula. Mixed with Sanicula canadensis in a decoction taken in confinement [Ojibwa 47].
Leaves and stalks :Mixed with leaves and stalks of Ribes sp. and taken to treat stoppage of urine [Ojibwa 47].